Gronik is located at 760 m above sea level near the yellow tourist trail connecting Szczyrk Solisko with the Salmopolska Pass running along the spring of the Żylica river. The pass is around 800 m on foot and 3.5 km by car. Five tourist trails branch from the pass: to Skrzyczne through Malinów, to Barania Góra through Przysłop, to Trzy Kopce, to the Karkoszczonka Pass through Grabowa and Beskid Węgierski as well as to Brenna.  The Salmopolska Pass is, at the same time, the border between Szczyrk and Wisła.

Wisła neighbors on mountain tourist resorts as attractive as Szczyrk:


All communes are associated in the association Beskidzka 5

You should also see the following in Szczyrk:

The Central Sports Center
The ski jumping venue complex Skalite
A historical Church of St. James
St. Mary's Sanctuary "Na Górce"
The Beskidy Gallery
The Żywiec Lake

A large water reservoir – the Żywiec Lake is located within 15 km from Szczyrk. In the summer season there are numerous harbors and restaurant spots. You may rent a canoe, a paddle boat, a sailboat and a surfboard or take a cruise on a tourist boat.